Convention News

Baby, I’m A Star!

Well, no…not really.

I watched my 45-minute video interview. It came out pretty good. I mean, there were no “ahs”, “ums” or “uhhs.” But I did notice that I have a tendency to close my eyes when I talk. I didn’t know that. I asked a friend, who had not seen the interview, and he confirmed that it’s a tic of mine. So I need to practice keeping my eyes open when I talk. Of course, that’s assuming there will be other interviews and speaking gigs after this one. I sure hope so. I’ve made quite an investment in this venture, and I’d really like to see a return, at least of SOME sort.

So I’ve received some more nice reviews on The Moreva of Astoreth. Right now, the book is running at a solid 4-star. Not bad, I don’t think. Though I would like some more 5s, push the rating up a bit. But I can be happy with what I have. A few reviewers said the book could have benefited from more editing, and they’re probably right, since I edited it myself. Normally, I wouldn’t have done such a thing, but I’d just lost my job, and though I had the cash, I wasn’t sure I had the money. But then, other reviewers wrote that it was superbly edited. So whether its great or not is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Off the subject of books and publicity, I’m driving my parents to Ohio next… Continue reading

Back From Arisia

You know what I like about cons? The energy. It fairly crackles through the air, stimulating even my lethargic butt.

Arisia IMO, is one of the more crackly ones I’ve attended,  though I can’t say I’ve attended them all. At any rate, I went to a number of great panels. In the dealer’s room, the Broads sold a lot of books on behalf of their fellow Broads (yay!) Went to a launch party for an anthology called UnCONventional, 22 short  stories about what goes on behind the scenes at a con (and it’s not about ops!)

A funny aside: I was trying to find a particular room and ended up in the Boston Convention Center which is connected to the hotel. Once I got my bearings, I left the Center with two guys, one obviously a security guard and the other I’m not sure, but when we reached the hotel, one said to the other: “This is some party–I think I’ll stay.”

So that’s all for now, will report in on The Underground later!


Just bought my train tickets to Boston for Arisia. I’ll only be on one panel–the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading–but I’ll be womanning the BU table, too! So stop by, browse, chat and buy a book! 🙂


Back from Arisia! My reading went well, and the other women who participated in the RFR were awesome! Here’s to next year!

I Promise

CapClave is tomorrow. This time I promise to bring a camera. Whenever I go to cons, I always make that promise, but I rarely follow through. I think the last time I brought a camera to a con was a couple or three Balticons ago. When I come back from CapClave, I will post pictures.

I promise.

I also think I’ll start doing podcasts and posting them here. I’m doing two next year for Broad Universe, and I’ve already bought the mic. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Add some content besides my own rantings. Of course, reading from my works technically qualifies as rantings but we’ll just leave that minor point aside.

You, of course, will be the guinea pigs. But I promise not to post pictures of my paintings. I do reserve the right to change my mind if I come up with a good one.

Did I tell you I bought a couple of disco balls? No, the real thing. I’m going to hang them in my living room. One’s silver, the other gold. Saturday Night Fever, look out! Actually, the reason I bought them is because I wanted to be reminded of what Melera’s eyes look like. Hence the gold mirror ball.

Who’s Melera? She’s the alien star of my book, The Underground.

About that camera–better check the battery before I head out the door…

Capclave RFR…Wow

Capclave is coming up really soon, and the Broad’s RFR is on Saturday Oct. 17th from 1-2 pm. So far, there are like three folks signed up. Of course, more could sign up between now and Oct. 12th–the organizer’s drop dead date–but Mother, if there will only be three of us…that’s a lot of reading. Assuming the panel plans for an hour, given the minimal time it would take for introductions, the three of us might each end up with 20 minutes. Of course, we do want to leave time for Q&A, but still…

But not to fear, for I’m certainly up to the challenge. I’ve got two chapters, one from The Underground and the other from Jahannan’s Children that I’ll read. One or the other, that is–not both. They’re pretty clean as far as my writing goes, but if there are any little kids in the room, I’ll tone down the one or two curse words. Is PC still in?

You know, it’s just occurred to me that it’d be fun to learn some new curse words, huh? Make some up, even?

I’m game. How ’bout you?