Out of the Brains of Babes

I’m sitting in my office, sort of musing over my life. I remember being in my 20s, thinking about middle age (and wondering if I’d make it–at the rate I was going, it was questionable). I remember thinking to myself that if I did make it to middle age, I wanted to own and drive around in an antique sports car.

Well, guess what. I survived. What’s more, I’m now middle aged, and I own an antique sports car. I bought it while I was in my 30s. It never occurred to me that I might still have the car 21 years later.

What brought this on? I have to take it in for a vehicle emissions inspection. But this will be the last time. I will get historic tags (where I live, cars with historic tags no longer have to go through inspection). She’s historic. Sometimes I feel historic. We can be historic relics together.

Her name is Mrs. Peel.

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