A Tale Of Two Stories

So I’ve finished the first draft of Chapter 7, and it got me thinking. As I told you earlier, there are two “versions” of JC floating about, a space opera mostly in my head and another based on Earth that’s being committed to paper, so to speak. I’d always thought of the entire story as a three-parter, but now I think it might be two. That means a number of issues that I’d originally thought would be resolved in the third book will most likely have to be resolved here. Like Kurt’s love for Parker. I’d thought at one point it’d be consummated, and maybe it would have been in another galaxy, but it can’t be done if they’re still on Earth, because the timeline won’t permit it. And the odd little relationship that developed between Kurt and Melera in the space-based version of JC will have to be dropped.

Oh yes, I know…just write the space opera using different identities to protect the guilty. It just feels odd, somehow.

Now for some real news. I’m going to be reading at the Capclave Con in Rockville, MD in October, and at Philcon (Philadelphia, PA of course) in November. Don’t know what I’ll read yet–it really depends on how much time I have. Either way, I’m going to have a ball.

See you there!

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