…And The Reviews Are Coming In

Been so long, I’m glad to be back…

So how are the reviews? Good, overall, but kind of mixed, if that makes any sense. Two four-star reviews on Amazon. The first gentleman really liked the book, but thought the sex was salacious and coarse–not his cup of tea. The second also really liked the book, but thought the sex “exhausting.” What is it about the sex in The Underground that turns people off? I thought most people liked sex? Maybe they just don’t like reading about it. At any rate, they would both recommend it to other readers. That’s a good thing.

Kirkus Reviews called The Underground “sexy, twisted” but said it was too much like True Blood or Charlaine Harris’s books. Since I’ve never seen True Blood, and I’ve only read one of Charlaine Harris’s books, I’m in no position to argue. Maybe I should rent the series on Netflix, or buy a couple more of her books. Still, they said, it’s “A diverting urban fantasy.” That’s a good thing, too.

Then we have Clarion ForeWord Reviews. She didn’t mind the sex–she liked that the characters were “sexually expressive,” and exuded “sensuality.” She liked the strong female characters. She also called it an “erotic fantasy.” I’ve been calling it a paranormal fantasy/science fiction blend. Maybe I’ll just start calling it an erotic urban fantasy. I like the way that sounds. Hmm…

Goodreads is definitely mixed. I’ve five-, four-, three-, two- and one-star ratings. The folks who gave me the lowest ratings didn’t leave text reviews, which is unfortunate. I would’ve liked to have known what it was about the book they didn’t like. One reviewer took away a star because the book had no “humor.” Well, maybe her sense of humor and mine differ somewhat. One five-star reviewer raved about it. Well, of course she would. That’s why she gave it five stars. Anyway, on Goodreads my overall rating is running at about 3.6 stars.

And so it goes. I have more promised reviews coming in the next couple of months, and we’ll see what they have to say…

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