August, Already??

And mid-August, to boot.

The last couple of months have just whipped by, like a slap across the cheek. So much happening, it’s hard to remember. A few things do stand out, though.

The Moreva of Astoreth is now in full audiobook production. The narrator is British, with a rich, powerful voice. And her range is impressive. Moreva Tehi is a mezzo-soprano, while Laerd Teger is a gravelly baritone. Obviously, she can’t do a baritone, but damn, it’s close enough! Chapter 1 has been recorded, and I’m waiting on the edits before it’s sent for my review.

The Underground III is going a LOT slower than I anticipated. That’s partly because of everything else going on. Mostly it’s because my head has been in one of those spaces that makes it hard to write. And I still don’t have a title. Or an idea for a cover design. Those are usually the first things that come to mind.

Lots of marketing stuff. Education, that is. I’m working to get my online sales up. Waay up. I make something like 99% of my sales at conventions. Online sales make a couple hundred bucks, if I’m lucky. So I’m pulling all my stuff together for taxes, and let me tell you–I’m pretty sure I’m going to be audited. Like I said, my sales come from conventions, and in 2020, there weren’t any in-person ones (thank you coronavirus). So I did a few virtuals, and nothing. Didn’t surprise me. The thing about handselling is the personal contact. Talk to potential buyers, tell them about your books, pique their interest. Much harder to do virtually. Meanwhile, the expenses go on. Released The Moreva of Astoreth on January 5 of this year. The production work–editing, pre-order advertising, sales copy, etc.–took place in 2020. So I had a shitload of expenses but no income. The IRS doesn’t like that. As far as they’re concerned, you’re cheating. Bracing myself.

And as always, there’s the family shit. The legalities are sorted, now stuff like valuing my parent’s stuff. They got a lot of it, that’s for sure. But then there’s the usual. My shrink nailed it–I’m an afterthought. Important shit goes down, and I find out after it’s a done deal. That is, when someone deigns to tell me. Rather than getting upset–and who wouldn’t be?–my shrink says I need to develop a Teflon coating. Let it slide off. Have no idea how to do that, but I have to. Whenever it happens, I spiral into deep depression, and it’s hell to climb out. Not that I ever get out, not really. Just enough to pay attention to the other things going on around me.

Oh, yeah–I adopted two elderly cats. One’s 12, the other 11. I was looking for a dog, but then I found these lovely ladies. Both are black. So between that (black animals have it rough) and being old, I scooped them up. Old people need love too, you know? So now we’re the Golden Girls. I’m thinking about adopting a dog next spring, but we’ll see.

Pushing on as best I can.


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