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Finished the 2nd pass for The Moreva of Astoreth. Waiting a bit longer to hit the 3rd and final, to let it simmer and then go over it with “fresh eyes,” as it were. After that, it’s on the to copy editor. After that, it’s done, and ready for publication. I’d scheduled to let it loose on the world in December, but had to push it back to January. Didn’t plan that part of the production process well enough. I know how to cure that, but it means I have to give myself self-imposed deadlines. Gaah. Then again, it gives me more time to generate “buzz,” the jargon for hype. Ads, blog posts, and all that. That’s kicking off August 1. Three venues lined up, ads created (I luurve BookBrush!) and more to come. That month, I’ll also start advertising on Amazon, maybe Goodreads (but they’re expensive), B&N, and more.

I’ve started work on The Underground III (no title yet), and I’m pleased to say that one character’s dilemma is scientifically feasible. I love it when that happens. I’ve been researching acoustics, and wanted to know if the sound of tones, as in notes on a piano, would change if the atmospheric composition was different than what’s on Earth. Yes, it does. An experiment with songbirds showed their songs sounded different when the atmospheric content was changed (but still breathable, of course). In this experiment, the notes were an octave higher. I’ll be playing around with it, but the basic idea has been proven. Yay!

Something else I stumbled across is a nifty paper on the use of sound in warfare. Perfect. Another of my MCs is an alien from an advanced civilization, and their language is musical, as in singing. Their voices are five-toned, which makes the language quite complicated. And they are warlike. Because sound is an intrinsic part of their being, it makes sense their weapons of war would be based on sound. I have lots more research to do, though. I want to find out if objects can be lifted with sound, as with a concentrated beam. We already know sound can break solid objects (Ella Fitzgerald, anyone?), and move water. I’ll have to research studies on aquatic animals, too. Sound waves move a far greater distance underwater (and even faster through rock). I think I saw somewhere that a whale’s whistle can travel up to 2 miles. Sound waves move slowest through gases (surprise). Lots I can do with it. This is gonna be fun!

The goal for 2021 is to up my online sales. In the past, I’ve made a couple hundred bucks a year. Didn’t bother me much because the real cash came from convention sales. Didn’t go to any in 2019, and all the 2020 conventions, at least through September, have been canceled because of the pandemic. And because this pandemic thing doesn’t show signs of abating now, and no one knows if it will, who’s to say what happens in 2021?

Oh, yeah. Newsletter subscriptions are still chuggin’. Closing in fast on 700. If these guys are liking my crazy mashups, I think I’ve found my tribe.


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