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I am a genre-bending novelist of fantasy, science fiction and romance. My motto: Reality is highly overrated.

On The Book Of The Day Campaign

This’ll be short.

The campaign itself is going fine. Lots of reactions. But they’re not translating into sales. Four books sold today. That’s it. I suspect many of those fantastic numbers come from free or 99-cent downloads.

It tickles me that so many of the readers are congratulating me on being “Book of the Day.” Trust me, guys–we pay for that shit. Through the nose.

And We’re Live!

Invasion is published! All the links are live, the print copy is available! On Amazon, at least–I don’t know when it’ll show up on BN. If BN gets their stuff from Ingram…it may be well into next year.

I found out this time around that Smashwords puts their “imprint” on ebooks distributed by them. I really don’t like that. I thought about changing my preferences so to stop that shit, but soon realized I’d miss out on their distribution network. They’ve got one, I don’t. So I’ll just have to grit my teeth and bear with it until I do.

Aaaand…Invasion received its first 5-star review yesterday! Said some nice things about my story. And I also made a sale! I don’t consider that too bad for a book by an unknown that’s been out for a week. A harbinger of things to come? Please?

And Now, For Something Completely Different…

As Monty Python would say. Love those guys. Wish I could have seen their last show, even if Graham Chapman was there only in spirit.

So. What’s so different, you ask? Well, I’m now a rock collector. No, really. Rocks. Or, perhaps I should say, gem rocks. Emerald, sapphire, ruby…you get the picture. Mind you, these aren’t “gemmy,” that is, suitable for being cut and polished into jewelry stones. But an emerald is an emerald, you know? I bought a huge, 5-pound chunk of obsidian that I’m going to put goodness knows where. I also bought a Herkimer diamond. These are crystals that are found only in Herkimer County, in upstate New York. This one has a water bubble in it. I mean, there’s water in there. And that water would be 400 to 500 million years old. But I would dearly love to have a blue garnet. Very rare, these stones. They’re blue in fluorescent and sunlight, but purple under incandescent light. They are wildly expensive, too. I found a site that sells them, and they have some lovely specimens at lovely prices. I hold myself back because even though I have the cash, I’m not certain I have the money. I mean, I’m trying to promote my books, and I’ve got a third one coming out. I dropped $1200 just yesterday to promote The Moreva of Astoreth and The Underground on ONE site.  And who knows what’s coming down the pike?

At any rate, I suppose this… Continue reading

More Promotion!

Okay, here we go again…

And here’s the link to The Moreva of Astoreth! <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>The Moreva of Astoreth</a> Click this link, and you can purchase the book from Amazon!

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!

Wow–I’m getting really into this promotion stuff. Right now, it’s just for The Moreva of Astoreth and The Underground. I really should create some buzz for Invasion. Well, let me finish with this round first, and then I’ll get to work on it. So check out below, and see what’s happening!

Here is the link for my book on <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>The Underground – Second Edition</a> You can make a purchase right from the page, too!

Getting There!

Received the cover for Invasion from the illustrator. Needs a tiny bit of work, and then it’s good to go. Then I can send it off to my formatter, who’ll do the ebooks and whatnot.

I’ve scheduled the paperback version of Invasion to drop on October 15. If all goes well, the ebooks will drop before then. Whew!

Stay tuned!


Just a quick update…The Underground: Second Edition placed as a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. I’m chuffed!

In other news, the manuscript for Invasion (and Forever Bound) is finally finished. I’ve tweaked, tweaked and tweaked, and I think I’ve caught everything. No spelling errors (never are) grammatically perfect (well, let’s hope). I will copyright it today, and then it’ll be ready for formatting.

After Invasion is published, I’m taking a break from writing. I’ve been going at this great guns for years now, and it’s time to take a rest. I’d rather write than work, but writing doesn’t pay the bills (at least not yet). And there are other things in my life that need attention right now. So I’m looking at, say, six months, but if I know me, I’ll probably last for two before I’m back at the keyboard. Regardless, a rest is in order. Give some ideas time to percolate. Like for the next Tehi and Teger book. The only things I know right now is that 1) the red fever has mutated, 2), she’s pregnant, and 3) she loses the baby because of it. And I’d really like to write about a dystopian society starring my psychiatrist. And I’d like to do some “prequels,” if you like, of the main characters in The Underground and Invasion. The rest time will give me a chance to get the books in order, too, I think.

To close, here’s a mock-up of the cover for Invasion.


So, the ms is back from the editor. Went through the suggested changes. She certainly likes semi-colons. Or maybe that’s the way I write. Well, I can tell you that semi-colons don’t belong in dialogue. So, I rewrote the text to get rid of them. In fact, I rewrote all of them except for one, I think. Anyway, going through the ms one more time. And then it’s time for formatting.

Now we’re working on a cover for Invasion. I’m going to switch the werewolf and the vampire. Werewolf looks too effeminate. Vampire looks too rugged. It’s supposed to be the other way around.

Will be getting the physical proof of The Moreva of Astoreth with its new cover, soon. I already know it’s going to be fucked up. The front cover is going to spill over onto the spine. This is why I asked for a wrap-around cover. Don’t know what’s the matter with CreateSpace, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, and I know other authors to whom it’s happened to, too. He just didn’t listen–went his own merry way. Well, he’s going to get a formal reprimand from me. “It’ll be what YOU want,” he said. And he didn’t give me what I wanted.

In other news, Harvey is now a Cat 4 hurricane. And it’s moving slow. Texas is gonna get fuckin’ hammered.

And here’s a pretty picture of the moon.

The Moreva Of Astoreth Has A New Look!

Check it out! Note the six fingers…

Here We Go Again

So I get a phone call from the publicist and they want to do another round. I tell them I have a new book coming out in a few months. They get all excited, and want to do the round focusing on the book in time for the Christmas buying season.

Okay–so far, so good. Then they want to know if I can have the book out by the end of September. Now, I’ve already told them I’m not going to get the edits back until late August. And then I have to incorporate the edits into my manuscript. Because I have a demanding day job, it might take me up to two weeks to do that. So now we’re at maybe the first week of September, possible sometime during the second week. Meanwhile, I’m having the book cover made (it’s mid-August). That takes time, a lot of back and forth. Tony, my illustrator, has other clients. He cannot spend all of his time on me. So let’s say we get a book cover completed by the second week of September. Then there’s the formatting. My formatter (the best in the business) can work quickly, but she also has a busy life. She has to make room for me. I can’t even tell you when the formatting might get done. But, for the sake of this exercise, let’s say the formatting is complete by the third week in September (this is assuming that I’m unable to get the edits completed… Continue reading