Baby, I Was Dead-Ass Broke!

Banks. I hate ’em. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Well, you can, but don’t let your neighborhood Nike boys know that.

So what’s broke mean? When you’ve got lint in your wallet and no job? But what if you have $25K computer system at home (purchased in better days)? You could probably get at least $15Gs for that. So are you broke, or do you just have a cash flow problem? What about the guy who’s got trust funds galore, but can’t get to them (or a job). Working as a waiter with $30M in the bank.

Take my sister. When she says she’s broke, she’s down to four figures in her checking account. When I say I’m broke, my checks are bouncing around like hydrogen molecules over the fire.

Maybe it’s like if you have nothing right now but have access in the future, you ain’t broke. But if you’ve done already sold everything you can sell, like your car, your neighbor’s car…and you’ve got nothing left that might bring in a coupla coins, maybe that’s when you can say you’re dead-ass broke.


(I know, weird topic)

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