Bitch Session

Okay, I know you’re tired of hearing me whine about computers, but get over it.

Found out that Acrobat 8 may not run on a 64-bit platform. Tech support told me “we’ve never tested it, but you’re welcome to do so yourself.” Excuse me? Test a product of yours on my brand new computer? Bitch, you best check yo’self! And then I look on the website and yes, there’s an Acrobat 9 that’ll support what I have. It’s just $449.00 bucks. Not much more than what I paid for 8 a couple of years ago. Not exactly what I’d call a good return on my hard-earned dollars, either.

I’ve a couple more people to ask about this type of thing too…hopefully, it won’t mean that I paid big bucks for apps that are, well, outdated.

*raises fist and whirls it around* Onward and upward in a left-handed spiraling motion…

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