Can America Survive COVID-19? Not The Way It’s Going

I read in the news today that Maryland’s Governor Hogan (the state where I live) ordered 500,000 COVID-19 testing kits from South Korea, and had them flown here in secret so FEMA couldn’t intercept them.

It was quite an operation. First, the plane landed at the Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington Airport instead of Dulles Airport in Virginia. Landing at Dulles would have attracted too much attention, and though it’s a big, busy airport, no one inside the Beltway pays much attention to it. That’s because DC dignitaries–Congress and whatnot–always fly out of Dulles.

The plane was unloaded under the watchful eyes of the Maryland National Guard and state troopers. After that, the testing kits were whisked off to a secret location, which will remain secret.

Now, I’m no fan of Governor Hogan, but I have to give him mad props for his handling of this crisis. Like Rudy Giuliani. He’s a seriously nasty, racist sonofabitch, but his handling of New York City when 9/11 happened was jaw-droppingly stellar. He was calm, reassuring, and made no outlandish claims about who was behind it. A real rock. He kept that city together when it was about to lose its damned mind.

But here’s my question. What if FEMA had gotten wind of what was happening and showed up at BWI to claim the shipment? With the National Guard and the state police having been given orders to protect it? What if FEMA had called in the Army to force Maryland to give it over? Maryland would say it was acting under its police powers to protect its citizens during the crisis–which is something it would be perfectly within its rights to do. The feds would say your police powers don’t override our authority. Is there any legal precedent for that?

You could say that there is. Just before the Civil War, the Maryland Legislature was set to vote on whether the state would secede from the Union. If it had come to a vote by the full legislature, Maryland would have been Confederate. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t having it. So he rounded up all the secessionists and threw them in prison on the night of the vote. The legislators that voted, voted to remain in the Union, of course. Was Lincoln right to do so? Well, think of it this way: If he hadn’t, the capital of the federal government would have been smack dab in the middle of Confederate territory. Now, how do you think THAT would’ve worked?

But in doing what he did, Lincoln ABRIDGED THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. As President, Commander-in-Chief, or what have you, HE HAD NO POWER OR AUTHORITY TO FORCE MARYLAND TO STAY IN THE UNION.

So. Where does that leave us? Well, we have the feds demanding the testing kits and the state refusing to hand them over. Does that mean everybody starts pointing guns at each other? What happens if someone fires a shot? A full-scale firefight between the Maryland National Guard and State Police and the Army? How do you think that would pan out?

Some might argue that Lincoln’s situation was different because he was desperate to save the Union. I’ll certainly grant Lincoln was desperate and did whatever it took. But is our situation any less desperate? Maryland is trying to save its residents’ lives, but by taking the testing kits, it is not outside the realm of argument that the federal government is willing to KILL ITS OWN CITIZENS so to add to its existing stockpiles and gain the upper hand over the states.

Right now the states are too busy trying to save their own, but what we have here is a full-blown constitutional crisis.

Many would say I’m exaggerating. But I’m not. And here’s something else–if the feds succeed in bringing the states to their collective knees, it would destroy our federalist system. All power would rest with the federal government, except for those powers over things it has no interest in–marriage licenses, and drivers’ licenses, to name two. This is how it’s working: The feds have shown no interest in helping states. In fact, governors were told “you’re on your own” because the feds aren’t “shipping clerks.” By commandeering the testing kits, leaving state high and dry, to save their residents, states would have no choice but to beg the feds for supplies. The feds would say “fine,” but then make whatever demands they wish in exchange. Think this won’t happen? Think again. The Cheetoh-in-Chief made it clear that he would not help states whose governors hadn’t been “nice” to him. In fact, he ordered Penis-Head Pence not to call “that woman” in Michigan–Governor Whitmer, who the bloated orange balloon claims hasn’t been “respectful” to him (not true).

Now, I know you’re going to think I’ve fallen off the deep end by what I’m about to say next. The health crisis in this country is a stroke of good fortune to powerful interests–both political and moneyed–and are using it to destroy our federalist system in favor of an oligarchy. A government by the rich and for the rich. Have you ever heard of an economist by the name of James Buchanan? Probably not. He wasn’t a guy who sought the limelight. But his unconscionable economic theories–he referred to workers as “slaves”–provide a blueprint to turn America into an oligarchy. It’s no accident that the heads of federal agencies created to look after the health and welfare of the people are billionaires who have successfully dismantled their respective agencies’ ability to do the jobs they were created to do. The EPA–headed by a man who’s doing his best to blunt the force of the Clean Water Act, and many others, whose scientists are no longer allowed to mention “climate change” in their reports. Betsy De Vos, the billionaire Secretary of Education who’s got those who have students with debt in a stranglehold, who was finally forced by a judge to stop enforcing one of her directives that gravely harmed poor students. Steve Mnuchin, the billionaire Secretary of the Treasury who thinks people can live 10 weeks on $1200. And on, and on, and on. Those on the Supreme Court aren’t billionaires, but the majority subscribes all of the bullshit. They’re nothing but puppets who are willing to twist the words of the law to serve their masters. Just look at the decisions they’ve handed down. Trampling on peoples’ rights is just one of them. And Kavanaugh–who paid off his $200,000 in credit card debt, and why? Don’t know, but we sure can guess. As for Buchanan, how did his theories gain so much traction? He was bankrolled by none other than the Koch brothers. And we KNOW what they’re about. I say the crisis is a stroke of good fortune because this march has been going on for decades. One thing I can say for these guys, they’re patient. Little by little, step by step. One of those Big Wheel things for kids. Well today, the Big Wheel has morphed into a runaway bus.

Rant over.


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