Capclave RFR…Wow

Capclave is coming up really soon, and the Broad’s RFR is on Saturday Oct. 17th from 1-2 pm. So far, there are like three folks signed up. Of course, more could sign up between now and Oct. 12th–the organizer’s drop dead date–but Mother, if there will only be three of us…that’s a lot of reading. Assuming the panel plans for an hour, given the minimal time it would take for introductions, the three of us might each end up with 20 minutes. Of course, we do want to leave time for Q&A, but still…

But not to fear, for I’m certainly up to the challenge. I’ve got two chapters, one from The Underground and the other from Jahannan’s Children that I’ll read. One or the other, that is–not both. They’re pretty clean as far as my writing goes, but if there are any little kids in the room, I’ll tone down the one or two curse words. Is PC still in?

You know, it’s just occurred to me that it’d be fun to learn some new curse words, huh? Make some up, even?

I’m game. How ’bout you?

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