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3. Roxanne Bland – The Underground

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My World And Welcome To It, VII

“My cell–my world, my hell.”

–unknown Vst POW.

My World And Welcome To It, V

Where is that Xia’saan bitch? Where is she? And where is her cursed battlefleet?

I’ve been searching the galaxy for her. The Akkad–my spies, my suntroops–are everywhere in Maqu. But they haven’t found her yet. An entire galaxy…even so, there aren’t that many places she can hide. Out of millions of planets, only a tiny fraction are habitable. Of those, an even tinier fraction have starfaring technology. She’s untrackable in the interstellar regions but she can’t hide there forever. Her ship–eventually she’ll have to put in for provisions and repairs. Somewhere. And when she does, I’ll take her. Again.

I don’t need her battlefleet to win this war. The Akkad is mighty enough to fight on two fronts. But having her fleet will make my victory that much easier. With it, I can handily crush the Vst and the Fifteen. The Vst, those upstarts who demand their economic freedom from the Akkad. And the Fifteen–including Xia’saan–that created the the Akkad as a puppet to feed their bloated ambitions in Maqu. With or without her battlefleet, soon they will all dance to my tune–and the Akkadian puppet will have become the puppeteer.

And her, the bitch-queen–she loved me, once. I know she did. Mark me, she will love me again. Oh, yes. She will. I will make her love me…

My World And Welcome To It, IV

Bloodsport. I love bloodsport. We all do.

The ‘drome in Huziil is, in my opinion, the prettiest on Xia’saan. At night after the moons have risen, it glows like an ice palace lit from within. Seating is by lottery and if the Dark favors you, you’ll draw one close enough to the field to watch the action live. If not, you’ll just have to be satisfied with the holos. My favorite game is qint. Four warriors, eight swords. The warriors win points not just for each cut, but also for their skating style. It’s beautiful to watch. Sometimes–not often–the judges declare a match to the death instead of to yield. When that happens, you should see the chits fly! The betting board lights up like fireworks. I once made enough to take a three Maqu-standard month luxury cruise to Sydara and still had enough left over to buy a new flitter when I got back.