An End And A Beginning

The Great Goodreads Giveaway is over–952 entrants. Not too shabby, eh? The books have gone out, and the winners should be receiving them soon (some may have already). I had the bright idea of letting CreateSpace handle the shipping. I really didn’t feel like hauling all those boxes to the Post Office. Anyway, it worked. Sending them to the US winners via CreateSpace was only about 30 cents more than sending them media mail through the Post Office. And international shipment–whoo! Now that was cheap! $4.99 to England? Dang! And there were a fair number of those. The most expensive one was to Australia, but that was to be expected. Besides, there was only one.

So I converted the .pdf of The Underground to Word. What a CHORE! It’s beyond belief that someone hasn’t come up with a program that’ll convert without totally messing up the formatting. But it’s done, and I’m working on it. I’ve written one new chapter so far, on the elves. There’ll be others, too.

Monday I’m talking with the marketing expert. It’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say. And then I’m going to spend  the $5-600 bucks for their 2-year marketing package. *sigh* Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money! Oh, well. At least it’s tax deductible.

That’s all I have for today. Tune in in a couple of days for more news of my incredibly exciting life!

Random Thoughts

My internet radio interview is set for August 10 (did I mention this already?). Not sure which of their “channels” I’ll be on (though I’m thinking number 5). The schedule page says all interviews (they run simultaneously) will start at 12:01 AM Eastern. I guess that means my interview will run 24 hours until August 11. At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see how well it’s edited. I thought I sucked, but the host said I did fine.

My next blog tour starts September 1. I’ve already sent books out to two reviewers. I discovered something pretty neat–instead of ordering books from CreateSpace and sending them out myself, I can have CS do it. It costs only 30 cents more than the U.S. Mail. And, I don’t have to spend all that time putting those goddamned boxes together. CS even ships internationally. This will be a big boon when my Goodreads Giveaway ends on August 5, because I have 30 books to ship out. This means, of course, what am I going to do with all those book boxes I ordered from Uline. The boxes come in packs of 80. Or maybe it was 50. Whatever–I got a helluva lot of book boxes. Maybe I can turn them into ornaments of some sort…not. I suppose I can always donate them to someplace. But who would need individual book boxes?

Found The Moreva of Astoreth on a site called “Lousy Book Covers.” Just a bunch of people snarking about books… Continue reading

Here In Spirit…

Have had some physical issues that have kept me away from the computer, but I’m pretty much back now. Well, for now. Anyway, one thing I’ll say about enforced idleness, it gives you lots of time to think up new stories. I’m just brimming with ideas.

Okay, need to go. Talk at ya later!

Long Time No See…

Hi, all!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but life’s been a bit crazy around here lately. I’m finishing up proofing The Underground so I can get on to the next phase. But as of now, I’m searching for a willing victim–ah, interviewee or guest poster.

Been also working on a short story I started years ago, but never finished. It’s about a woman who willingly becomes a vampire in order to escape a life of slavery. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a home for it!

Talk at ya later!

The Return

Back from Balticon 46! So much good energy–I feel really pumped. Did a couple of readings from The Underground, which were well received. Compliments are so gratifying, you know? It’s like what I’m doing isn’t in vain, that I really have the talent to do this. I admit I didn’t spend a lot of time going to panels. When I wasn’t on a panel, I was at the Broad Universe table, handing out swag and convincing other women writers and artists to join. It really is a great group. For all you women writers of speculative fiction, you really ought to consider it. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained, and contacts to be made. Here’s the URL: http://www.broaduniverse.org. Now, on with proofing the Underground!

Balticon 46!

I’ll be attending Balticon 46 this weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I’ve been tapped to sit on several panels, and will also do readings from The Underground. If you’ve never been to a con, you’re really missing out. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into writing, science, film, costuming, whatever. And, of course, there’s the dealers’ room. I’ve learned to stay out of there, lest I spend every cent I have on new books and other stuff I desperately want but desperately don’t need.

Just go to Balticon’s home page to get the 411, and come on down! You’ll be glad you did!

Monica Leonelle–The SocialPunk Blog Tour

As promised, here’s my interview of Monica Leonelle, author of SocialPunk, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble now. Let’s get into it!

Monica Leonelle is a well-known digital media strategist and the author of three novels. She blogs at Prose on Fire (http://proseonfire.com) and shares her writing and social media knowledge with other bloggers and authors through her Free Writer Toolkit (http://proseonfire.com/free-writer-toolkit).

When did you discover or decide to become a writer?

Just a few years ago. But I also wanted to be one when I was a kid. I feel like I mostly write because I can’t help it. I love to write and that’s how I express myself, day in and day out. I can never understand how people want to be writers or authors when they don’t write. I always think, “Then why aren’t you writing every day?” I organically average at least 2,000 words a day writing. When I’m finishing up a manuscript, I average closer to 5,000 words a day. This is just what I do, so I never believe people who say they’re going to write something but just don’t have the time.

Is being a writer anything like you imagined it would be?

It’s hard, and no one imagines that. So I suppose that’s a yes. 🙂

Do you have any writing quirks or rituals?

While I do write all around the clock for my job, I get most of my fiction writing done in the wee hours… Continue reading

Finish Line!

Dewey’s Read-a-thon is officially over, and a wonderful time was had by all! I can’t wait until Read-a-thon October 2012…

Ash: Return of the Beast

What a great story–fast paced and exciting, right to the end. A series of bizarre murders leads FBI Special Agent Rowena Ravenwood and Lieutenant Brian Kane of the Seattle Police into a labyrinth of rock stars, ancient magick and the spirit of Aleister Crowley, whose goal is to unleash hell on Earth. Can they stop him in time?

One thing, though. What is it with e-books? I’ve never seen so many misspelled words and the like in my life. It’s really jarring and takes me right out of the story. It’s too bad, you know?

The Kindred Curse Anthology

The most interesting thing about The Kindred Curse Anthology is that it reads backwards. The first of five stories is set in the present, and the last story is set in 1886. The character that connects them is Xavier, a powerful vampire. The stories revolve around a family whose lineage includes blood that is especially craved by vampires. The stories chronicle their harrowing escapes (or not) from the night creatures who hunt them. I thought the book especially well written with an ear for language that made it flow.