Champagne and Chocolate

The RWA Annual Conference was FAB! Registration was expensive as all get out–pretty much blew my con budget for the rest of the year–but Mother, was it worth it! I made scads of new friends. Okay, three…but for me that counts as scads. Linda Howard, Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts and a bunch of other stars were there. All are very down-to-earth and boy, are they bust-a-gut funny! I’m happy to say that Janet and I share the same favorite word. It has four letters and rhymes with “suck.”

Last night was awards night and it was awesome. Golden Hearts and RITAs. And afterwards, attendees were served–you got it–champagne and chocolate.

Guess I forgot to mention that I demanded the Mundane Black Hole to spit me out starting last Wednesday (July 15th) so I could go to the conference. In return, the Hole extracted my promise that I “check-in” twice a day via email. I didn’t, though. Hey, I couldn’t help it if I couldn’t get into the Hole’s secure email server, right? But I will pay dearly for my lapse. Starting tomorrow.

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