Christmas Horror

It’s become a thing again, you know.

The British Victorians were big on it. Christmas was for ghost stories. Gather ’round the roaring fire, gas lamps on low–okay, maybe the lamps off for effect. Drawing room drenched in gloom, shadows thrown by the fire, wind moaning through the eaves, mice scurrying in the walls…

I suppose the only Victorian story that has really survived into modern times is Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

Now we have Krampus. An obscure, Alpine creation–Victorian era, maybe–that has hit the big time. Sweeping bad children into his sack and then flying off to hell. Their parents probably didn’t miss them. One version has it that Krampus and Santa travel together. Santa brings the presents, Krampus the coal.

Pretty sure I’d have been swept into the sack.

The Moreva of Astoreth drops in less than 2 weeks. Twelve days, to be exact. Files uploaded to the sales platforms, copies out to ARC readers, now uploading to review sites.

It was a trip through hell to get to this point, though. In the middle of editing the galleys, my computer decides to head off to tech heaven. Rush to buy a new one (there went my December ad budget), get it set up. Up and running now, I go into the directory to find the latest TMOA files didn’t transfer. No .docx, no .pdfs, no .jpgs, no .mp4s, no nothing. Go into Dropbox, discover I hadn’t backed up in quite a while. Shit. Go into OneDrive. Okay, got stuff there, but not the latest latest. Shit, shit. My interior book designer sends the last 3 files I lost. I look into the cover files (I’d put them in Dropbox a long time ago), and see the covers have the fantasy and science fiction logos on them. FUCK!! I thought I’d asked my cover designer to delete the fantasy logo. I’m sure I did. Emails flying back and forth from Serbia (where my designer lives). She sends me her files. The cover has the 2 logos on it. By this time, I’m ready to say fuck it. I look one last time in Dropbox, and there it is–not in a folder, just hanging out by itself. At least I knew I wasn’t crazy. But it’s got the wrong ISBN. Well, that’s easily fixed. All’s good, right? No. That damned snowstorm in the NE U.S. Delay on the book files. Okay. Finally, everything’s together. Start distribution. Taking a break, I open the .pdf, and what do I find? A big chunk of the Glossary isn’t alphabetized. FUCK AGAIN!! And you know what’s really wrong with this? I checked the Glossary while I was working on the galleys, and it DIDN’T EVEN REGISTER. By this time, I’m so frazzled I crumple into a whimpering, quivering mess. I manage to rally. It’s bad, but least it’s not the end of the world, say, like missing pages or whole chapters. It’ll get fixed. But my head still hurts.

It’s been said that producing a book is like giving birth.

They’re right.


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