Year-end coming soon.

So. I’ve finished my edits to The Moreva of Astoreth, and have sent the manuscript off to a real editor. I should have it back around mid-November. Assuming I haven’t fucked up too badly, I’ll plug in the edits (if I agree with them), and then send it off for the next stage in the production process. That would be the galleys. I’ll go over those and send it back to the formatter with any changes I may have made. Then they’ll make the book. And then…

PUBLICATION!! That’s scheduled for January 5.

Now. One part of the marketing process is to have people read Advanced Reader Copies and post reviews on the day of publication. Sometimes they’re called a “street team,” a term left over from pre-internet days. See, the way it works is the more reviews a new release has on the day of publication, the higher it gets ranked on Amazon. The higher the rank, the more exposure Amazon gives, like putting it “above the fold” on it’s New Releases page. Most other sites work this way too, but Amazon is the 800-lb. gorilla in the room. That’s why us author types ask that readers post reviews on Amazon.

If anyone out there is interested in being an ARC reader/reviewer, hit reply. The target dates for distribution is 12/15-20/20, and the review posted on January 5. The book will be available in all e- formats. I’m including the link to the Amazon page description. Should you choose to join the fun, thank you!


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