Continuing Education

Still working my way through the software tutorial for building a website. It’s not that hard, especially since it doesn’t involve learning html. For me, it’s really more a matter of getting used to it–I mean, building websites is not something I do every day. Or any day.

Eventually, what I’d like to do is put up an animated banner with Melera’s eyes staring at you from the screen. Say, a three-quarter shot spanning just below the bridge of her nose to her hairline. Slit-pupiled, golden eyes that seem to spin and sparkle like twin disco balls. And every so often, she’ll blink.

I described Melera’s eyes to one sf/f/h fan and her first reaction was “creepy!” After I thought about it, I realized she was right. To some people, Melera would seem creepy. It’s that reptilian aura she carries. Makes sense, considering her people are descended from giant lizards.

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