COVID-19 And Us

We’re living in unsettling times.

Dangerous times.

We’re all trying to cope while in the depths of a pandemic that threatens our lives and the lives of our loved ones. When our “leaders” advocate that the elderly should die to preserve the economy, tout “cures” for the novel coronavirus resulting in the unavailability of drugs for people who need them to survive, when preeminent medical experts are contradicted by a buffoon whose cultists hang on every word that spews from his mouth and says that the leaders of subnational governments in desperate straits should “praise” him and maybe then he’ll release the medical supplies he outbid them for and which they so desperately need, advocate that “stay-at-home” orders should be lifted so people can crowd the churches at Easter and get back to work where in many cases, it’s doubtful they’ll be able to keep the recommended distance from each other and in both instances raising the risk of infection…you know what I call that?

Attempted murder. On a grand scale.

And people vote for these monsters.

The hospitals trying to treat everyone who’s sick are really hard hit. They’re overwhelmed, especially in large urban areas. Not enough beds. Not enough equipment to go around. They’re starting to have to make the painful decision on which patients live and which patients die. Just like Italy. Today I read a story about a nurse in New York who died from COVID-19 because staff was reduced to wearing plastic bags for protection because they had no masks. The other day, after seeing a plea on FACEBOOK of all places from a friend who’s an MD, I bought 3 boxes of masks for the hospital in Virginia where she works. They are desperate, and can’t wait anymore for the feds and the state government to supply them. So please, if you’re able, find what supplies you can and donate them to your local hospital, or even a non-local one. You might be saving lives–not just of the patients, but medical staff, too.

That’s all I’m going to say about it. Aside from not wanting to turn this post into a screed, I can feel my blood pressure rising.

Turning to subjects that help me keep my sanity, my mailing list is growing mightily. As of now, I have 287 subscribers to my newsletter and more requests come in every day. I also found a nifty web-based app that lets me create ads for my books without having to hire a graphic designer. It’s amazing. And so easy. I have an artistic eye, but what I see doesn’t necessarily translate well into 3-D space when left to my own devices. It’ll let me create video ads too, though I haven’t explored that yet. I’m experimenting with the ads I’ve made on Bookbub, which is a platform that serves about 3 million readers worldwide. Of course, you pare that down to your target audience. People who read nonfiction are not interested in my paranormal urban fantasy/romance/science fiction mashups. The nice thing is that anybody can place an ad on Bookbub. To get a book in their “featured” deals emails is hard. They’re quite picky about it. If you do get on it, it’s a serious feather in your cap.

Below is an ad I created for The Moreva of Astoreth. Not too shabby, methinks.


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