Ghost Hunters Extraordinaire

I’ve been watching these ghost hunter videos on YouTube and some of them are pretty funny. I mean really–you’re supposed to be a big, bad ghost hunter and when you hear or see a door slam all by itself you shit your pants? One of my favorite videos was made by this guy in Saudi Arabia exploring this abandoned house (I think) that’s supposed to be haunted. So this guy is wandering through the house with his camera. Doors start slamming all over the place, swinging back and forth and whatnot while he’s recording so you see all this madness going on. The whole time, he’s breathing like a spent racehorse and screaming prayers. Hilarious. There are lots more like that. I look at these clips and wonder why the hell do they do it if they’re just going to crap their pants the minute the lights start flickering? I dunno–maybe they’re just thrill junkies.

A bunch of posts back, I said I believed in the paranormal. I do. But I also think a lot of what’s labeled as paranormal have more prosaic explanations. Still, it makes me wonder if there really are houses haunted by spirits out there. Like, the house I pass by when on my way to my parents’ place. It’s a beautiful brick house, probably 4-5 bedrooms, nice sized yard. Right now it needs a paint job but that’s neither here nor there. A murder occurred in that house. It was all over the local papers when it happened. I got a chance to dig a little deeper, though. Anyway, a woman shot her husband to death in the kitchen. He was a prominent surgeon, well known and very well respected in the community. He was also an abuser. This guy would regularly beat his wife, oftentimes so badly she ended up in the hospital. They had one child, a boy. When the woman killed her husband, the kid didn’t go into child services because they had money. Instead, the court appointed a guardian for him. The guardian the court appointed was an attorney at the law firm where I used to work. So I got to read the entire case file, complete with photographs. Pictures of what he did to her. Pretty horrific. He was in the middle of beating on her again when she killed him. Not surprisingly, she was sentenced to prison. This was at a time when spousal abuse, no matter how bad, was never accepted as a defense to murder. The jury didn’t accept her claim of self-defense despite her testimony that she honestly thought he was going to kill her, even after seeing those pictures showing how badly he’d beat her. Anyway, she appealed her sentence. I don’t know what happened to that because I left the firm soon after. But every time I pass the house, I wonder about her. Did she serve her term? Was she paroled? Did she get her son back? Is she even still alive?

I know someone bought the house when it went up for sale after the murder. I assume someone’s still living there. Whoever it is, I wonder if they know what happened there? Have they seen or heard anything? I’d like to see a team of ghost hunters go over the place with their cameras, EVP recorders, spirit boxes and whatever. Maybe the energy–if there ever was any–has dissipated by now. After all, it’s been over 30 years.

Be interesting to find out.


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