Going To Readercon This Weekend?

I’m giving a reading from The Alien Within, sponsored by Broad Universe, an online writer’s organization to which I happen to belong. It’s listed on the program as “Rapid Fire Reading,” which showcases the works of as many authors who want to participate–subject to con time limits, of course. So at Readercon, I get five minutes, just enough to read Chapter 2 (where I introduce y’all to Melera, my alien warrior queen), not counting the introductory remarks.

Nervous about standing up before a serious bunch of strangers? Hell, yeah. But then, I’ve done it before–this is not much different than any other public speaking gig I’ve taken, except they don’t feed me lunch. So I’m very much looking forward to it–never know who’s in the audience, right?

Stuff like this always sends makes me want to take acting classes. I mean, if I can do a talk on the fly and it sounds intelligent and holds people’s interest…well, if you’re anything like me, it ain’t much different from acting in a movie or on the stage. Doesn’t mean that the butterflies aren’t there, though. So, if you’re coming to Readercon, the RFR is scheduled for 11 AM on Saturday, July 19th. Don’t know exactly the line-up, unless they go in alphabetical order, which means I’ll be one the first ones up.

Maybe I’ll see one of you there…whoever you are.

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