Gonna Lay My Burden Down


Tired of mass shootings. Tired of your thoughts and prayers. Tired of this. Tired of that.

Just tired.

But do you know what I’m really tired of? That the assholes who go out and blow people away are said to be “mentally ill.” I resent the fuck out of that. These white men (yes, white men–you can count the number of shooters of other races on less than five fingers) aren’t crazy. It’s not like these men just casually walk up to a crowd and start blasting. They know exactly what they’re doing and why. These rampages are PLANNED. They are fulfilling their white supremacist bullshit fantasies and they know that it’s more than likely they’ll get away with it. No death penalty for them–oh, no. They’ll go to prison and hook up with more of their asshole compatriots and oh, they’ll be such big, bad men for killing all those innocent people! People who had no beef with them, who didn’t know who the fuck the asshole was before they died, and sure as hell didn’t know afterward! And if the people murdered were of color, why, that’s even better! In any event…they are not insane. They don’t hear voices telling them to go out and kill. They’re not hallucinatory–they don’t think they’re at the firing range when they’re downtown at the club. And then the politicians come and blame video games, music and whatnot. Somehow, society has “failed” these shooters. What the ever-lovin’ fuck?? They tried that same crap 20-30 years ago. Everybody knew it was bullshit then and everybody knows its bullshit now.

No, these fools are high on that white supremacist bullshit rhetoric they find on YouTube. The shit they’re using to indoctrinate their children and any other child who happens to stumble inside. The shit that’s spewed from all over the media, from radio shows like InfoWars and TV shows like Fox News. Books. Newspapers. The shit thats spews from politician’s mouths all over the country, including the mouth of that turd occupying the White House.

I saw a meme the other day that explains it all. If the shooter is Latinx, send ’em back where they came from. If the shooter is Muslim, they’re a terrorist. If the shooter is Black, they’re a thug. If the shooter is White, they’re mentally ill, society has failed them, they need compassion.

You know what? America doesn’t have a gun problem.



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