Here We Go Again

So I get a phone call from the publicist and they want to do another round. I tell them I have a new book coming out in a few months. They get all excited, and want to do the round focusing on the book in time for the Christmas buying season.

Okay–so far, so good. Then they want to know if I can have the book out by the end of September. Now, I’ve already told them I’m not going to get the edits back until late August. And then I have to incorporate the edits into my manuscript. Because I have a demanding day job, it might take me up to two weeks to do that. So now we’re at maybe the first week of September, possible sometime during the second week. Meanwhile, I’m having the book cover made (it’s mid-August). That takes time, a lot of back and forth. Tony, my illustrator, has other clients. He cannot spend all of his time on me. So let’s say we get a book cover completed by the second week of September. Then there’s the formatting. My formatter (the best in the business) can work quickly, but she also has a busy life. She has to make room for me. I can’t even tell you when the formatting might get done. But, for the sake of this exercise, let’s say the formatting is complete by the third week in September (this is assuming that I’m unable to get the edits completed before the second week). Then we put the cover and the formatted manuscript together (we’re still in the third week of September (maybe)). After that, I order a proof of the book. If anything is wrong, adjustments will have to be made, and then I have to order another proof. CreateSpace is fast, but they also tend to fuck up stuff. Let’s assume I have to order two proofs. It is now the end of September. So the answer is no, I can’t get the book out by the end of September. Even mid-October is pushing it.

Anyway, I ask how much this round is going to cost. “Oh, you’ve already spent a lot of money so this won’t be too much.” Damn right I’ve already spent a lot of money. At any rate, I’m led to believe (pretty much) it’ll only cost some thousands. Maybe around ten or twelve. Then he hits me with it–twenty-five grand. Well, I guess it’s still less than what I spent on the first round. It was a helluva lot more than twenty-five grand. But what do I do? I max out my Discover card to pay for it. I just hope I’ll be able to make the monthly payments, even at zero percent interest for a year. I truly pray I get some interest from whomever receives the press release. I was told it would be thousands in several different countries, but I know from past experience this guy tends to exaggerate.

So that’s where I am. Twenty-five grand in debt over this–all to try and launch my writing career. I have to wonder if I’m too desperate. I mean, I’m throwing money around like I’m some sort of rich bitch. And I ain’t. Well, I’ll keep my fingers, toes and signals crossed. Maybe this will be my breakout. On the other hand, sf/fantasy is a hard sell in a marketplace that wants to see self-help books and things like that. Regardless of all that, right now I’m feeling like a big, fat, sucker.

On a lighter note, here’s the new cover for the Moreva of Astoreth. I’m putting it up again because it makes me feel better.


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