I Promise

CapClave is tomorrow. This time I promise to bring a camera. Whenever I go to cons, I always make that promise, but I rarely follow through. I think the last time I brought a camera to a con was a couple or three Balticons ago. When I come back from CapClave, I will post pictures.

I promise.

I also think I’ll start doing podcasts and posting them here. I’m doing two next year for Broad Universe, and I’ve already bought the mic. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Add some content besides my own rantings. Of course, reading from my works technically qualifies as rantings but we’ll just leave that minor point aside.

You, of course, will be the guinea pigs. But I promise not to post pictures of my paintings. I do reserve the right to change my mind if I come up with a good one.

Did I tell you I bought a couple of disco balls? No, the real thing. I’m going to hang them in my living room. One’s silver, the other gold. Saturday Night Fever, look out! Actually, the reason I bought them is because I wanted to be reminded of what Melera’s eyes look like. Hence the gold mirror ball.

Who’s Melera? She’s the alien star of my book, The Underground.

About that camera–better check the battery before I head out the door…

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