If You’ve Read This Far…

then by now you have undoubtedly realized that the purpose of this exercise is to unabashedly promote my novel, The Alien Within. The voices you’ve heard–excuse me, read–are not characters in my story, but they could be. Perhaps they will be. The Alien Within is the first of a series that will end when I run out of ideas. Or publishing contracts. Whichever comes first.

TAW is the story of a werewolf who falls in love with an alien. Taken aback? That’s the reaction I’ve seen in most people who’ve asked about it. Or not, for that matter. Funny thing is, I’ve been told that when it comes to the fantasy and science fiction genres, the twain shall never meet. I didn’t know that before I wrote my story, so I did it. Judging by the comments from and conversations with my beta readers, the marriage works very well, indeed.

I’m boring myself with all this blatant self-promotion, and you too, I’ll bet. Unless you’re an agent or publisher, I’m going back to the world where I’d spend all my time if it wasn’t for my day job…and the rest of the mundane.

P.S. I really like that sadistic s.o.b. of a vampire. He is ever so much fun.

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