In Progress…

The MOREVA OF ASTEROTH is now in the editing stage. According to my editor, it should take about a month or so, not counting our back-and-forth on comments and line changes. So while I’m waiting, I’m looking for a cover artist, and now have a short list.

Balticon 49, as always, was mega fun. It was wonderful seeing old friends. I sold a copy of THE UNDERGROUND, which puts a few dollars more into Blackrose Press’s coffers. Believe me, with the money I’m spending on MOREVA, every little bit helps. Next year is Balticon’s 50th, and George R.R. Martin is the Guest of Honor. Definitely going to that one. But mark my words–with Martin as the GOH, it’ll be a zoo. Also, BSFS had a contract with a new hotel, one that’s a little closer to where I live. I imagine it’ll sell out quickly, so I’ll have to be on my toes when the announcement goes out that reservations are being accepted. I almost missed out on 49, and I made my reservations in April.

The other thing to do while I’m waiting for edits is to go back writing to JAHANNAN’S CHILDREN. I really need to think up a new title, since the book’s focus has changed significantly. I see a brainstorm with betas in my future. Anyway, I was amazed at how far I’d gotten into the story when MOREVA came knocking at my head.

That’s where I am at the moment. Talk to you again, soon!

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