Is He Really Dead?

So Epstein was found dead in his cell. How fucking convenient.

It reminds me of Ken Lay, the CEO of Enron back in the day. Lay and his buddies pulled all kinds of bullshit that resulted in Enron’s spectacular crash. Employees lost their like savings because they were strongly encouraged to buy Enron stock. I remember one man who was about a year or two from retirement saying that since he’d lost everything, he’d have to work until he died. He wasn’t kidding, either. Anyway, the day Lay was to be sentenced, he dropped dead from a heart attack. Or so it was said.

Same here. Actually, it’s an even bigger deal than Enron. Epstein was most likely going to go down and if he did, a whole lot of powerful men were going to go down with him. Epstein wouldn’t have kept quiet about who took advantage of his little ring. To get maybe a reduced sentence (not much question he’d go to prison this time), he was probably going to sing like a canary. And then he dies. Or so it is said.

Seems like quite the coincidence, huh? Lay and Epstein were in deep, deep, shit and suddenly they die, just like that. I have a theory. Both men were richer than Croesus. They probably socked away huge bucks and other valuables in secret offshore accounts under assumed names (happens all the time). With all their riches backing them, it would be easy for them to fake their deaths and for Epstein, even while in jail. They get hustled to a waiting private jet, either chartered or, more likely, belonging to one of the said buddies, and take off. My guess is that they head for Argentina, where they’ll undergo plastic surgery to make them pretty much unrecognizable. Argentina has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. In fact, it’s been said that plastic surgery there is a national sport. Besides, this may be bombshell news in America but I doubt it’s made the pages internationally. It’s unlikely then, that an Argentinian surgeon would recognize the two men pre-surgery. And that’s it. The two disappear somewhere into the world where they’ll live out their days. Their friends come to the funeral, shed some crocodile tears and walk away scot-free.

There are holes, you say? Like someone had to have helped them, especially Epstein? You’re absolutely right. Remember, in Epstein’s case, we’re talking about powerful, powerful men whose money and connections help them pull government and private sector strings all over the world. Bilderberg men. By involving themselves in Epstein’s sexual shenanigans with little girls, if he named names, they’d be roped into the whole mess and they’d lose everything, or most of it, anyway. So damned right he had help. The jail guard who was on duty when Epstein “died” was either paid enough to retire (a mere pittance to them) or they’ll meet an untimely end–which won’t make the papers.

There is an alternate theory, of course. Epstein could really be dead, murdered by the minions of those who have so much to lose. No matter which scenario is correct, the ones who raped those little girls walk away.

And yes, Epstein really may have committed suicide. If he did, you can be damned sure it wasn’t to protect his “friends.” Given his previous track record and how everybody knows now that Acosta got Florida to bust him for some little bullshit state misdemeanors, he knew damned well he wasn’t going to get away with it in New York. Lemme tell ya, I’ve known some of those New York prosecutors, both federal and state, and they are some hard-nosed motherfuckers who have no qualms about putting you away for the max after they’ve nailed your ass.

Of course, I could be wrong about Epstein’s escape or being murdered. It might all be the product of my imagination–I do write speculative fiction. But in my decades on this planet, I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned that the uber-wealthy are cutthroat. They have absolutely no regard for anyone–certainly not for those in their class and maybe not even for their families. They work hand in hand with governments to move their agendas forward. As long as you are useful or not a threat, you’ll be okay. But the minute you become either, it’s goodnight Irene. It isn’t just in America–it’s all over the world. To them, we, the little people, are lower than ants. And we’re treated accordingly.

Good mornin’ America, how are ya?


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