It’s All About The Benjamins

Saw an interview with a Dr. Mikowitz today. She’s an immunologist (and something else) and has written a book, “Plague of Corruption,” about how the scientific establishment has been twisted into a money machine, and how those in the machine will do anything to keep it running, and if people die in the process, too bad. Fucking up and covering up. Denying the success of drugs developed in the lab so to find ways to make money off it when it goes public. Mikowitz is an ex-employee of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man everyone’s looking to as the beacon of light during the crisis. According to Mikowitz, he’s anything but. He’s part of the machine. She related the story of how Fauci tried to force her to hand over material related to a project she was working on (or something like that) and after some back and forth, she was arrested for theft of government property and hauled off to jail. Never charged. No trial. Nothing. Just kept her in prison. And she didn’t steal anything, either.

She also gave some insight about how viruses work. It didn’t come from a bat in some wet market. It was something that escaped from the Wuhan lab, a project that had the full participation of the CDC and the Army. She said she wouldn’t call it “created,” but it’s not “natural.” A combining of several different viruses. If it had been natural, it wouldn’t have spread the way it has so quickly. It would have taken centuries. The interview also featured various doctors questioning the precautions that people have been advised to take. All this cleaning and disinfecting–it weakens our immune systems, leaving us more vulnerable to nasty critters. I can attest to that. This is TMI, but it’s how I know. Vaginal yeast infections. Whenever I get something that needs to be treated with antibiotics–like bronchitis–if given certain types, I get a yeast infection. That’s because the antibiotic kills the bad bugs, but it kills the good bugs, too–leaving me vulnerable. And there are other ramifications–quarantining, restricting movement, restricting associating with others–curtailing the freedom of the people. Those protesting these government moves to restrain the virus are mostly full of shit. Only mostly, though. There’s truth to what they’re protesting about. But jesus fucking christ, do you have to storm the goddamn fucking state capitol with your military-grade weapons, screaming like fucking banshees?? Whatever happened to fucking civilized behavior???

So, she points up to all the corruption that’s become the norm in the scientific community. Scientists working for the government who discover something workable can take out a patent on it themselves. THEMSELVES. This goes for university scientists, too–except they don’t take out the patent, the university does. So the rush is on, because selling those bad boys to Big Pharma gives them Big Bucks. I have a bit of personal knowledge about this, too. Not the patent info, but I did read several years ago an article about how cutthroat the race for funding is. Researchers go to any length, including faking their findings to qualify for a grant.

There was a lot more in this interview too, but that’s enough from me. As for Dr. Mikowitz, do I believe her? On the one hand, she certainly has an ax to grind, and a big one. They destroyed her old way of life, doing what she loved. On the other, given what I know about the shady side of shit, nothing she said doesn’t ring true. As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. I’ll say this, though. If you’ve read my prior posts on what I think is going on, what she says plays right into it.

To quote the X-Files tagline: “Trust No One.”

In other news, I finally finished the edits to The Final Victim. One more pass to clean up the little mistakes (it’s called proofreading) and it’ll be good to go. If all goes well, looks like I’ll make my self-imposed May 15 deadline. Now ain’t that sumthin’?


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