Just Askin’

I’ve had any number of reviews for the Moreva of Astoreth–eighty-something, by my last count (there have been a few more since then). Most of the reviews are excellent. A few are outright stunning in their praise. That’s great. That so many people loved my story makes me feel that writing is worthwhile.

That said, I’ve received four bad reviews. I don’t mind bad reviews in general. They can make many good points, which can only help a writer–especially this one–to improve the next time around. What gets me about bad reviews is this: Why does the reviewer have to be so damned snarky? If you didn’t like the book, or see there’s room for improvement, say so, and that’s it. That’s enough. The snark detracts from the review, detracts from its helpfulness. What writer wants to read a snarky review? I certainly don’t. If I’m a bad writer, say so. If I’m a good writer, but I need to learn some things, say so. The snark is unnecessary. To my mind, it also says something about the reviewer, and it’s not positive.

So again. Why do reviewers handing down a bad review have to be so snarky?

Just askin’.


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