Magic in the Land of Thermodynamics

I know, chillerns, eggy post.

Okay, INTRO. My name is Artemus Dark and I’m not from around these parts, doods and doodettes. Matter-of-fact, I am from an inter-dimensional existence through a shared vortex that I can only bridge with the help of author M Cid D’Angelo. He and I share some of the same personality, so it makes a connection.

Now, our universes are similar. We share, like, the same science and all. I mean, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are known in both, but, the things we do NOT share are concepts of spiritualism and metaphysics. In my universe, we have never installed the idioms of religion.

I mean, yeah, we know OF religion, it does exist in some aspects, for example, like in witchcraft where followers of Diana or Hecate or the Horned God are prevalent. However, the main persistence in our spiritual makeup is that divinity died an immortal death, shedding its blood in the universe and making it possible for humans to perceive and manipulate the physical and spiritual world through INTENTION and WILL.

That only happens – HAHAHAHAHAHA ‘scuze me cuz it’s hilarious when you think about it – to a very minute degree in your universe. You defer your power of divinity to a deity and trust on physical science to form a foundation to your existence. Well. *cough* That’s just fine if you wanna hide under the bed and all. Hee hee.

Now, I am two things. Well, I am THREE things. Firstly I am … wait, I’m four things. Okay, firstly I am a Ghost-hunter. In my world, a ghost –hunter is a professional psychic/wizard who studies and converses with spirits in the nether world. I’m also the Director of Applied Metaphysics at the College of Occult Sciences at Duke University where I am a tenured professor. Thirdly, doods and doodettes, I’m a certified Ringed sorcerer (okay, now I’m five things); I’ve got TWO Rings, baby, and that means the more Rings you have, the higher your power and prestige. Eight seems to be the tops. I’m also a metaphysical investigator (which is called a SHADE) for both the States of North Carolina and California Occult Ethics Boards. And finally, I am a celebrity. Yep. I’m world-famous. Eat THAT, Tom Cruise.

Here’s a question for you: if black magic was real and criminals could kill with magic, who would go around and investigate the murders? A cop? Are you joking? They send in a SHADE, like me, to find out who’s doing what to who. Believe you me, it gets wigged too, right from the start. I mean, check it out: demons, sorcerers, imps, ghosts, witches, hexes, spells, undead, vampires, werewolves – just about anything “super”natural can be found in the middle of it all.

One of my major cases, involving the tragic death of my older brother Philip Osbourne Dark is like given the 4-1-1 in the book, Dark Running. Um, if you want a link to the book: This thing involves a wacko sorcery guild called the Rising Moon in New Orleans. Took me all over the place, even Malta, and I’m still smarting over that hoodebah gotta tell ya.

The second book which has just come out is called Darkness Becomes You and like, let me tell you – HAUNTED PASTS DON’T DIE. The link for that book is This one I didn’t expect. And it was nasty. Still is nasty.

Oh, and if you want to see my speculations about magic and science and all that goofy eggy jazz, feel free to stop by my blog at

Until then, DON’T look under the bed. It’s dangerous down there.

Artemus Dark

Got Ghost?

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