Marketing Mania

Hey, all–

Haven’t been here for a while, I know. Since THE UNDERGROUND came out on January 9 (and the ebook on January 26), I’ve been doing more marketing than anything else. Now I know why people get paid to do this. It’s hard work, and it takes up a LOT of time. Identifying and contacting potential markets, chasing reviewers, and the like. And then I plan to do a blog tour. And planning for the big launch party in May. I’ve barely written a lick since the THE UNDERGROUND came out.

Still, we’ve had some highs. I received a 4 star review from Amazon, with some really nice things to say about THE UNDERGROUND. On Goodreads, while I have no text reviews, I’ve got two 5-star ratings (and two fans!). So at least two somebodies out there like it. Anyway, right now I’m targeting small indie magazines and the like for advertisements. Ads rarely bring in sales, but they’re important in that it’s important to get my name out there. I found one magazine that would’ve been terrific, except for the cost. I’d no idea that placing ads like this was so expensive. I thought it was like, you know, placing a classified ad. I mean, I know some ads can be expensive, but I thought it was just the big, glossy kind you find in higher-end magazines. Not true. I found one magazine that’d be perfect for my ad, and they want almost a grand for one-sixth of a page! So we’ve had to rethink our marketing budget. Yes, I need to market, but I don’t need to bankrupt myself over it.

That’s where we’re at. Marketing, marketing marketing. Think I’ll take a break and do some writing…

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