Moving Along

So I’m hard at work with this author thing. Took a rest from editing The Underground manuscript. I finished editing, but I want to go over the 1st 10 chapters or so to make sure I’m happy with the text. For the last go-round, I was working off the formatted copy where I’d highlighted changes I wanted to make, but around 10 I saw I needed to make changes that weren’t highlighted–i.e., the ones I missed. On the formatted draft, if I didn’t see yellow highlights, I passed over the corresponding text on the Word doc. Got to make sure it’s fine and dandy because I ain’t doing this again. Yes, the nice thing about self-publishing is that if you see something funky, you can pull the book and re-work it but it’s best not to fuck up in the first place. I cut myself some slack because there’s been a long learning curve, but I’m far along enough now that I know what NOT to do.

While I’ve been resting from editing, I’ve been working to build my author platform. I’m concentrating on Twitter at the moment, interacting with people, letting folks know I’m out there. It’s working. Still, I have some concerns. It seems that most of my new followers are also authors. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself but I don’t want to be author-heavy. What I want are people who are potential or actual readers to follow me. My fellow authors are not the ones buying my books. I’ve always had a presence on my FB personal page and I’ve been hanging out on that rather than my FB author page. I told you why in an earlier post–fuckers. I’m not sure why I haven’t taken it down, yet. Then again, it’s really not a priority. I haven’t had much success with my author page. Yeah, I have 1400 followers but we don’t interact. I post stuff and maybe 1 or 3 will respond but it’s always the same 1 or 3. Most of that’s because of FB’s silly-ass algorithms. Put up a post, it only goes to maybe 70 people (MAYBE), a tiny percentage of one’s total followers. I’m on Pinterest, MySpace (yeah, really), LinkedIn, Goodreads, Instagram and maybe a few others, but I don’t pay much attention to those. I’ve got followers, but not that many. Besides, I’ve learned that trying to keep up with all these social media sites is impossible, unless you have nothing better to do all day and night.

Now that The Underground’s make-over is nearing completion, I’ve begun to  develop a marketing strategy, though I’m in the early of the earliest stages. I’m treating this as a re-launch, as if this was the book’s first time out of the gate. I bought an online course on how to do all this but for some strange and EXTREMELY frustrating reason, I can’t access the course on their website. The frustration comes from really wanting to get started and from the fact I paid $1500 motherfuckin’ dollars for the motherfuckin’ course. I’ve been back and forth with support and they’ve been quite nice but I still can’t access the motherfuckin’ course.

And I haven’t even BEGUN to write my freebie novella, The Final Victim. Well, at least I have a title for it, now.

Oh. Almost forgot. My shrink stopped with our video consultations. She knows I’m a recluse because of my fucked up head. I hardly ever leave the house and go somewhere. Driving to the store about a mile away to pick up medications and maybe buy food doesn’t count. Anyway, she won’t do the video thing because I need to get out more and her office is about 35 or so miles from where I live. Fine. I mean, I understand. Even I can see that my lack of desire to interact with the world isn’t a good thing, objectively speaking. It’s not unusual for me not to leave the house for 10 days at a stretch. If I run out of food, there are plenty of places around here that deliver. So basically, I really only go out to pick up my pills. Good for me or no, it’s still going to be a pain to drive all the way to her place twice a month.

Can you believe it’s the middle of fucking JULY already?


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