My World And Welcome To It, VI

(Two young men walk into a restaurant with a cozy, homey feel to it.)

“Well, hello there, Vince. I was wondering when you’d get here. Who’s your friend?”

“Hey, Tina. This is Jack. Tonight’s his first time.”

“Hello, Jack. Hmm, Jack the Shark. Has a nice ring, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, real funny, Tina. Can we get something to eat now?”

(Tina laughs and walks away.)

“Dude! She’s knows I’m a wereshark. She’s a sniffer–I’m outta of here!”

“Yeah, and she knows I’m a weretiger, too. I–“

“What? Aw, Vince–now we’re really in deep…come on, let’s go!”

“Chill out Jack, will you? Relax–Tina’s one of us.”


“One of us. I mean, you’re always going on about how humans treat zots like shit and all, right? And they do. But not all humans feel that way. Sniffers like Tina and like those plain, everyday ones over there. Humans like them think we zots deserve to be treated…well, like humans. And between them and us, we’re doing something about it.” (Vince waves at the restaurant crowded with zots and humans.) “Look around you. Every single one of us here tonight is doing something about it.”

(Jack looks stunned. Vince smiles.)

“Welcome to the revolution, Jack.”

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