My World And Welcome To It, VIII

Humans and zots have been warring with each other for as long as humans and zots have been around. It’s always us against them, whichever side you’re on. But just as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Witches and scrum are proof of that.

I’m a witch. That means one of my parents was zot and the other human. My mother’s an elf. She didn’t have to be, but she is. Anyway, human divided by zot equals witch. Sometimes. More likely the kid’ll be scrum. Human and zot genes don’t always mix very well. A good mix will get you a witch. A bad mix gets you scrum. And a really bad mix is better off dead.

So…witches. Too zot to be human and too human to be zot. Witches consider themselves zots, but other zots don’t see it that way. To them, we’re half-breeds. To humans we’re zots, half-breed or not. Whatever. Anyway, since zots as well as humans consider us suspect, we answer to neither. Witches answer to the ONE, the Source of All Things. And the ONE guides us in everything we do. ‘Course, some of the ONE’s ideas don’t go over too well. Like the deal we cut with humans wa-a-ay back when. “Humans, if you’ll stop killing us witches because we’re zots, we’ll protect you from other zots.” It wasn’t exactly like that but that’s how other zots saw it then, and that’s how they see it now. Anyway, I could give you the gory details about why our protecting humans serves the ONE’s purpose, but I won’t. If I did…Mother, we could be here for days.

Blessed be, my Sisters and Brothers. We witches are the cats who walk by ourselves.

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