Radio Personality

I did something different this morning–an Internet radio show called The Author’s Show. I’ve done Internet radio before, but not like this. This was a professional job. I thought I did horribly. I’m usually very good at thinking and speaking on my feet, but I felt tongue-tied and tongue-twisted. Lots of “uhs.” But he said that would be edited out. Man, I hope so. I really sounded like a dork. The host said I did a good job, so I’m happy with that, I guess.

We also talked a bit about marketing. I told him my main platforms were Facebook and Twitter. He said those were terrible. Facebook, for example, might get you a lot of likes–which is true, since my author page has something like over 1200 followers–but only 1/100 of a percent(!) of those will translate into sales. He’s kindly sending me a market analysis to show what I should do next. That’s great–but hell, I want to hire him. Maybe we can talk about that later…

The host says the interview should come out sometime next week (July 31 – August 6). So I’m watching the site, and so should you–The Author’s Show!

Update: The show will be aired August 10!

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