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There’s nothing quite like looking at a blank page and wondering where to go next.

Yes, I’m working on The Underground: Invasion. I know what has to happen, it’s really a question of how I’m going to get there. The between stuff. Part of the problem is that lately, I feel like I’m being pulled in ten directions at once. It seems that everything and everybody is clamoring for my attention, and it’s impossible to prioritize. It’s been really hard to get my head into the book. It’s been really hard to find the time to even try to get my head into the book. I should probably just put it aside until things calm down, but I don’t want to do that. I’d truly like to have the novel out by next summer. But current reality says putting it aside would be the best course. And I’m resisting.

Speaking of books…The Underground Second Edition is with the editor, who by contract will have it back to me just before christmas. And my cover artist sent the initial rendering of the cover. It’s going to look good. Might end up even looking like an illustration, rather than 3-D modeling. The Moreva of Astoreth continues to get five and four star reviews. It might have its flaws, but it really is a damned good book, if I say so myself. Let’s hope the marketing/publicity people can help make it into a bestseller. And interestingly enough, the people who’ve seen the book either love or hate  the cover. Two reviewers said that they otherwise wouldn’t have picked it up, if only because it has a 3-D cover, rather than an illustration.

Flash drive business cards. I’d never heard of them until a week or so ago. It’s like a regular business card, but there’s a section that pulls out to reveal a flash drive. Apparently, it’s the latest and the greatest. So of course the marketing/publicity firm had to place an order. And boy, are they expensiv-o. I looked on the ‘net and priced them. Good god. And they’re ordering a thousand of them. Since I signed up with these guys, my account has really taken a beating. I honestly and truly hope this marketing thing works, if only for my account’s sake. There is one bright spot, though. One particular credit card is totally paid off. One less bill to pay every month.

Poor Daisy. The swelling from the arthritis in her tail has damaged some of the nerves in her colon. It means that sometimes she poops without knowing it. Little poops, not big poops. Hmm…maybe that should be poor me, because I have to clean it up. And I never know when or where it’ll happen. I stepped in poop the other day with my house shoes. Thank goodness they’re men’s shoes, which has a sturdier sole–meaning it was easier to clean up. But whatever has happened to her, it hasn’t diminished the quality of her life, and that’s what’s important. And she’s lost a lot of weight for a dog. About ten pounds. That too, has improved her quality of life. I’ve noticed that when she’s outside, she runs about more, and when she comes back, she’s not winded. Not the kind of moves you’d expect from a ten year-old Great Dane. Not carrying around all that weight is easier on her heart, too. So maybe she will make it to her teens. I mean, she’s already quite elderly for a Dane. Early acted like an old Dane when she was six. Two years later, she was gone.

The lump who’d been living with me for almost four years has finally gotten her goddamned hulk of a car out of my driveway. Now if she’d just get the rest of her shit out of my house. Though truthfully, that’s on me. I did give her six months, which won’t be up until January or February.

Well, I suppose that’s enough out of me. Let me get through this period, and I’ll be fine. I just hope it ends soon…




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