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My internet radio interview is set for August 10 (did I mention this already?). Not sure which of their “channels” I’ll be on (though I’m thinking number 5). The schedule page says all interviews (they run simultaneously) will start at 12:01 AM Eastern. I guess that means my interview will run 24 hours until August 11. At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see how well it’s edited. I thought I sucked, but the host said I did fine.

My next blog tour starts September 1. I’ve already sent books out to two reviewers. I discovered something pretty neat–instead of ordering books from CreateSpace and sending them out myself, I can have CS do it. It costs only 30 cents more than the U.S. Mail. And, I don’t have to spend all that time putting those goddamned boxes together. CS even ships internationally. This will be a big boon when my Goodreads Giveaway ends on August 5, because I have 30 books to ship out. This means, of course, what am I going to do with all those book boxes I ordered from Uline. The boxes come in packs of 80. Or maybe it was 50. Whatever–I got a helluva lot of book boxes. Maybe I can turn them into ornaments of some sort…not. I suppose I can always donate them to someplace. But who would need individual book boxes?

Found The Moreva of Astoreth on a site called “Lousy Book Covers.” Just a bunch of people snarking about books covers they think are…lousy. I thought their comments about TMOA were pretty funny. I mean, “why is there a monkey?” Read the book and find out. “What is she holding?” Read the book and find out. “What is she looking at?” READ THE FUCKING BOOK AND FIND OUT! One woman seemed to appreciate that the Amazon and editorial reviews are real. She didn’t think they were good enough so that she’d read TMOA, but…whatever.

Totally non-book related, but I made up a song for my father’s birthday in two weeks. I hate the traditional “Happy Birthday.” It’s so straight, so…bland. It sure ain’t got that swing. So mine is jazzier. I hope it’ll become a family tradition. It’s good for anniversaries and just about anything else you want to sing about, too. Like having to take your car to the shop.

Okay, I’m done. Got to get back to work and edit my article. Been up all night writing it, and decided to take a couple of hours break. So break time is over.

See ya!

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