Okay. I may have told you I’ve written Ch. 5, which is about Parker and Melera’s reunion after their big blow out. Well, be advised that this is no longer Ch. 5. Right now it’s Ch.6. Then again, maybe it won’t be.

Here’s the question. The current Ch. 6 is a sweet reunion, in an S&M sort of way. But while I was writing the earlier chs., it occurred to me that maybe their Parker and Melera’s reunion should be more abrupt–like Melera busting into Parker’s bedroom while he’s screwing his new freya (the wolfpack’s alpha female) with dire news–Beloc’s coming to visit. True, Beloc’s after Melera, but hey, here’s this whole pristine planet just waiting to be taken over…maybe a foothold in our galaxy to expand Akkadian territory? If nothing else, zots and humans would make good slaves.

What do you think? Should I keep the sweet reunion and give Parker and Melera some halcyon days before the shit hits the fan? Or should the shit hit the ground running?

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