Revolutionary Politics

So if preternatural power makes zots all that and a bag of chips, why don’t they just enslave humans and take over?

Actually they have, from time to time. But it’s always short lived. The sheer power of human numbers is part of it. Enslave a human population and eventually you’ll face an invasion force you can’t beat. Too damn many of them. Then there’s the animosity between the different zot races. It runs so deep it’s almost ingrained. Historically, zots would sell each other out before they’d cooperate with each other. Humans know this–their sheer numbers and zots’ racial hatreds are their most effective weapons against preternatural power and permanent zot rule.

(That’s the short answer, anyway. The long one is a 10 to 15-page paper.)

But something new is happening. All across America—and the world—zots are uniting. They don’t want to take over. They want something way bigger than that. They want to change the rules. Legal recognition. Equal rights. Humans would never go for it but they know that. Hence the revolution—what they can’t get by negotiation, they’ll take by force.

(That too is the short answer. The long one is an even longer paper.)

Of course not all zots are a part of it. That animosity thing again. So the revolutionaries’ numbers are small. But it’s growing. And they are determined to get what they want.

You might say that Garrett and the revolutionaries are after the same thing: the freedom to openly be what they are without harassment (an understatement, to be sure). Garrett’s method is magick. Way more effective than using armed force. But then each doesn’t know what the other is doing. If they did, would they work together? Interesting question. We’ll never know.

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