Romance Writers of America

Faxed my membership application to RWA first thing this morning. As in early. As in REAL early. It was probably still dark in Texas.

When I first started querying, I pitched The Alien Within as a romance. Then, after doing a lot of ‘net research and talking to people, I was finally convinced (it took a while) that TAW wasn’t a romance. Not a straight romance, anyway. Then I read on RWA’s website that books of a certain genre (like urban fantasy with a dash of sf) with a strong romantic element qualify as romances–as far as the association is concerned, anyway. And that is exactly what TAW is–an urban fantasy with a dash of sf coupled with a strong romantic element.

RWA is having its annual meeting in July. Sure, I’m going. My third “con” of the year. I just love hanging out with writers.

But you know, when I faxed in my application this morning, I couldn’t help thinking of what Groucho Marx once said. To paraphrase, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.”

I have to laugh…

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