She Hated It

Sent my editor my 40-odd word summary of The Underground. The title of this post says it all. *sigh*…back to the drawing board.

Dr. Compaq’s replacement, Dr. Asus, is working fine. Kudos to the folks at zt Technologies for being so helpful. Turned out to have been a bad HDD. But here’s the great part. On September 30, I was told by the order desk that UPS would pick up the defective box within three to five days of that date, and that the replacement would show up sometime between October 5 and October 12. UPS showed up on October 1 (glad I’d packed it up the night before). The replacement was delivered October 2. How’s THAT for fantastic service?

So no more whining about my personal problems. Back to the writing life.

But did I tell you about my adventures with the lawn tractor and the weed whacker?

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