Sittin’ Around Bullshittin’

Editing The Moreva of Astoreth–still. Jesus fucking christ. The pages look as if they’ve been dipped in pee. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, it would have been blue pencil. Anyway, it’d have been nice if Adobe had used a different color, one that didn’t look so much like body waste. Like a nice magenta. Or even green. And just think–once I’ve finished the edits, I have to input them into the ms in Word. Yeah, I know I can directly edit the Adobe version, but I didn’t create it and it wasn’t shared. So I have to do it the hard way.

My new desk chairs are fabulous! The old ones were cheap and worn out. The height adjustment thingie didn’t work anymore, I had to roll up a towel and put it behind me for back support, ugh. Now I’m at the right height for working at the computer. My back doesn’t hurt when I stand up. Of course, it would help if I didn’t sit at the desk so much, but I forget and only get up when my ass starts hurting.

I got one of those Happy Lights. How come I ain’t happy? REFUND!!! No, seriously. I’ve been using it while I work–day job stuff, because it won’t fit on my personal desk. Too much shit lying around. The lack of available outlets on this side of the room is also a problem. So is it working? Well, I really can’t tell because I only started using it about 4 days ago. It’s hella bright, though. Seriously. It’s hard to look directly at it. Makes my eyes hurt. But then, you’re not supposed to do anyway. I do hope it eases things up in the head department. I’ve got enough shit going on and being depressed ain’t helpin’. It just robs me of so much energy, sometimes I can barely haul my ass out of bed. Actually, if it wasn’t for Daisy, I wouldn’t. I’d be getting up and staying up just long enough to put in my work hours. And let’s not even talk about the stuff I have to do, like trying to get my personal life straight.

My bank for Blackrose Press just called. I’d asked them to order new checks the other day. The rep told me they’d cost $155. Can you believe that shit? $155??? I asked if it was because it’s a business account, and she said yes. They really gouge businesses, don’t they? Well, fuck that shit. I’m ordering from one of those other places, like Current. $155 my ass.

Filed a complaint with the BBB about those tax people. Got an email saying everything’s on hold until they “investigate the matter thoroughly.” Huh. Wonder how long THAT’S going to take. I can tell them how to speed it along. Find those bitches who lied to me and make them ‘fess up. Just hope the IRS doesn’t make a move before all this gets resolved or something. Finally told my housemate about my tax problem. I didn’t want to say anything because it really isn’t any of his business but this is too big to keep to myself, especially if they take the house. Not put a lien on it. Put chains around the door handles. They do that, sometimes. But you know what’s really maddening? When all this started going down, I was in panic mode and it never fucking OCCURRED to me to call a fucking lawyer or CPA. I’ll bet you anything this shit would have been handled a helluva lot faster, with advocacy, and I would have ended up with a deal that I could live with. Not to mention I probably would have spent a helluva lot less money.

Fuck. I’m tired.


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