That’s a new word I learned recently. It certainly describes my situtation now. As a telecommuter, I while I’m “away” I’m entitled to pay no attention to my day job (well, mostly) so I have time to do lots of creative stuff like cleaning out my house and…oh yeah. WRITING!

So I just sent Chapters 1 & 2 off to my editor. I’ve already posted a few paragraphs from Ch. 2 (see somewhere below). If you do find it, please be advised that even those few paragraphs have been edited by me. If you’ve read it, I’m sure you’ve discovered my missteps. Well, those have been corrected to my satisfaction, but the final word (most of the time) comes from my editor. Here’s hoping it won’t be dipped too deeply in blood when she sends it back.

A friend of mine told me that maybe I should speak of her editing in terms of “red ink.” No, my loves. It isn’t red ink. It’s blood. My blood. The Red Cross can only wish…

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