Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged

If I was a character in the Atlas Shrugged world, I’d be a taker, and not a doer (I forget how Rand characterizes them). I would know how to operate things, but not how to fix them. I would not be in the ranks of the Hank Reardons or Dagny Taggarts of the world. I would be one of the huddled masses cowering in the cities with no electricity and whatever other staples of life I take for granted once the people who actually run things take off and join John Galt in that hidden valley, waiting for people like me to die off or otherwise disappear so they can make a triumphant return and get the world going again. On their terms, of course.

I pulled up my blog last week and discovered a note from WordPress telling me I had to update my current version of PHP for, among other things, security purposes. Okay–I get that. WP was kind enough to provide more information about PHP and what I should do to update it. First, it said, I should back up my page. A list of back-up plugins was presented, from which I should pick one. I chose the first one because, well, it was there. So, following the directions given, I start installing the plugin.

My blog disappeared.

All I saw on the screen was a string of random-looking numbers, letters, and various symbols, two lines of this gobbledegook. The rest of the screen was white. Yes,… Continue reading