Great Dane

So Far, 2020 Is Going…

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, really.

The writing’s great, full steam ahead. The Moreva of Astoreth is with the betas–sent it a full 5 days ahead of schedule–and The Final Victim zipping along. I’m close to finishing it. If it’s not finished next week, it’ll definitely be finished the week after that ’cause I’ll be on vacation. I’m doing a video shoot for a friend. Advertising for her, exposure for me. Win-win.

I have to let my sweet, lovable Daisy Mae cross the Rainbow Bridge. What’s hard is she’s not sick. She’s got plenty of spirit. But her body is failing her. Her spine and hips have deteriorated even more since November. I have to help her up the stairs. I usually have to help her onto the bed. She collapses a lot. I can get her on her feet, but it’s so painful to watch. Tonight I let her out, and went to let her back in about 5 minutes later. I didn’t see her. I stepped out onto the porch and saw her on the ground, struggling to get up. She managed to do it before I got to her, and I helped her up the porch stairs. A couple of weeks ago, I had to go out and my housemate did, too. I was gone for about 2 hours, and got home before he did. Daisy wasn’t on the bed, which was unusual. I walked into my office and she was on the floor with… Continue reading

The End

It’s coming.

Last June, my 85-year-old mother fell and broke her hip. She’s mending nicely, champing at the bit to get out of the house on her terms, driving, traveling, and all the rest. While she convalesces, my 85-year-old father has borne the lion’s share of the burden of her care. I’ve helped out whenever asked–taking days off from work, whatever is needed. In doing so, I’ve been able to observe them close-up. And I don’t like what I see.

My father and mother are the same age. I watch my father move about the house. He moves slower, now. His steps are no longer as sure as they were five, seven years ago. He doesn’t look sickly–for their age, both my parents are in pretty good health–but he seems smaller, frailer. Taking care of my mother has been hard on him. He’s tired, I can tell. His mind is still sharp, though. We talk about current events and such and his insights always enlighten me. The way he correlates the past to the present. Like I was wondering why the Democrats just didn’t go ahead and start impeachment proceedings against 45. He said it was because they don’t have anything on him, nothing that would stick. He pointed out that when Sen. Goldwater confronted President Nixon, the senator told the president he had a choice: Resign or be impeached. He also told Nixon if he chose to fight, there was enough evidence to convict, “and the Senate will convict… Continue reading


My Great Dane Daisy Mae is THIRTEEN today!

Happy Birthday, Daisy–you’re the BEST!!

Are There Enough Hours in the Day?

So I’m kinda trying to make up a summer schedule balancing work, writing, and everything else.

It’s not going well.

May has come and is almost gone, and I haven’t even finished the editing job I started in April. And according to my original schedule, the one I did in February, I’m supposed to have a novella written by August. Don’t know if that’s going to happen. August might seem far away, but we all know it’s right around the corner.

That makes me wonder–how to squeeze more hours out of the day? I could do it with drugs, but I take more than enough of those as it is. Besides, I don’t know how speed or something like that would mix with what I’m taking now. I’m insane as it is and the last thing I want is to make it worse–can’t afford it. I’ve got a mortgage to pay, you know? There are those energy things–you know, 5-hour or something like that. I used to take those a lot but after a while, they seemed to stop working. Guess I got used to them.

In The Moreva of Astoreth, Tehi, our heroine, is racing to find the cure for the deadly red fever. She concocts these extreme energy pills to keep her going on maybe two or three hours of sleep and gets addicted. Sucky.

Yeah, I wish there were more hours in a day. Then again, do I? I have enough trouble managing 24 hours. Twenty-eight hours?… Continue reading