August, Already??

And mid-August, to boot.

The last couple of months have just whipped by, like a slap across the cheek. So much happening, it’s hard to remember. A few things do stand out, though.

The Moreva of Astoreth is now in full audiobook production. The narrator is British, with a rich, powerful voice. And her range is impressive. Moreva Tehi is a mezzo-soprano, while Laerd Teger is a gravelly baritone. Obviously, she can’t do a baritone, but damn, it’s close enough! Chapter 1 has been recorded, and I’m waiting on the edits before it’s sent for my review.

The Underground III is going a LOT slower than I anticipated. That’s partly because of everything else going on. Mostly it’s because my head has been in one of those spaces that makes it hard to write. And I still don’t have a title. Or an idea for a cover design. Those are usually the first things that come to mind.

Lots of marketing stuff. Education, that is. I’m working to get my online sales up. Waay up. I make something like 99% of my sales at conventions. Online sales make a couple hundred bucks, if I’m lucky. So I’m pulling all my stuff together for taxes, and let me tell you–I’m pretty sure I’m going to be audited. Like I said, my sales come from conventions, and in 2020, there weren’t any in-person ones (thank you coronavirus). So I did a few virtuals, and nothing. Didn’t surprise me. The thing about handselling… Continue reading