Jahannan’s Children, Chapter 1

So I thought I’d put up a few paragraphs from Kurt’s chapter.

Chapter 1

For the second time in less than six months, Kurt, vampire regent and Master of Seattle, was terrified.

He stood before a wall-sized, plate glass window on the fiftieth floor of an office tower in downtown Seattle. No one knew about his office here, not even Daniel, his executor, who ran the night-to-night operations of Kurt’s vampire colony. He maintained this office because it was occasionally necessary for him to attend to his many other commercial interests in Seattle in person, and he knew his more conservative associates would not appreciate conducting business in his main office beneath his Last Chance nightclub in Pioneer Square.

But that wasn’t all he used this office for. He also came here when he needed to be alone to think, to brood over the latest challenge confronting him—business or otherwise—away from the constant interruptions that running a nightclub entails.  Right now his downtown office was dark and the building deserted except for the security guards. That wasn’t surprising—not this late on a Sunday night.

This cannot be happening to me, he thought.

He was losing his powers, the ones that marked him as a regent, a prince among vampires. He’d heard about regents who’d lost their special abilities but the youngest of them had been over fifteen hundred years old. Subtracting the years he’d been alive, Kurt was just shy of five hundred and seventy years old dead. For a… Continue reading