Taking It To The Next Level

It’s going to be a wild ride.

Since my marketing skills are pretty much zero, I’ve broken down and hired people to do it for me. I show up where I’m told, send them what I’m told to send, and they do the rest. It is not cheap. Oh, no, no, no. But I’m tired of spending all this money on marketing, and getting almost zilch in return. I did a radio show. It obviously met with some success, because this marketing firm contacted me, saying they’d heard the show, and thought I’d be a good candidate for them. I’ll admit, my first thought was that it was some sort of scam. Then a little voice inside my head (I got lots of ’em) said “why not give it a go?” So I did. Next week I have a video interview with their host who works with authors. They’re putting together a press kit for me. Another book marketer helped me put together a branding statement. Mind you, this is not just for the Moreva of Astoreth. It’s for all my books. I’m not necessarily looking for a best seller, though that would be nice. I just want to get a return on my investments. Doesn’t have to be dollar for dollar. I’d be happy if I just made back half of what I’ve spent so far. I mean, this is not a hobby. Writing and running Blackrose Press is what I want to do with the rest of my life, however much of it is left to me. I only have a day job because I need one to fund my writing endeavors. Book covers, editors–all of these things cost money, and it’s coming out of my pocket. That, I think, is the only advantage to being traditionally published. All the work is done for you, and it doesn’t cost you a dime (though marketing is quite a different story). The downside is that unless you’re big-time, you have practically no say in what they produce, especially when it comes to artwork.

So tomorrow (today, really) I’m preparing for the interview next Saturday. I’m getting a new hairstyle, rather than just chopping it off like I usually do. I’ve already told my hairstylist (and I’ll tell him again) it’s gotta be wash and wear. No curlers, irons, or anything of that nature. Not only do I not have time for that, I don’t know how to do it, anyway. I bought new (real) pearl earrings. Since the interview is supposed to be on the casual side, I’ve pretty much decided against wearing my (fake) pearl necklace, though I’ll probably take it with me, anyway. I bought new watches, but I can’t wear either of them because my wrists are too fat. If that’s not incentive to lose weight, I don’t know what is, since I spent a total of about four grand on both of them (I got them from ebay, and they’re worth a helluva lot more than that. I looked it up).

In other news, I have a new author’s webpage. Needs work, but it is live. It’s at http://www.roxannebland.rocks. I wanted something bold, so I chose white, red, and black for my colors. Only later did I realize these are the Goddess’s colors–white for maiden, red for mother, and black for crone. It’s fitting, since I have my own faith–well, I do waffle between faith and atheism–but if I do have a faith, it is in the Great Mother. If any religion makes sense to me, it’s that one. At any rate, the revamp of Blackrose Press’s website is next. Finally have all the logos, all I need now is to write up the submissions page. Assuming my designer sees things my way (and he’d better, since I’m paying) it’s going to be quite nice. Very professional, the kind of webpage that let’s would-be authors, and established ones, know you’re serious.

That’s what I’ve been up to. What about you?

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