Chapter Whatever, in its current form, is being deep-sixed. You know, Melera and Parker’s BDSM reunion. After thinking about it, it’d be more fun to have her surprise him by skipping through the Void and into his bedroom while he’s in bed with Mandy (Parker’s new freya). Melera is beside herself because she just found out that Beloc is on his way to Earth. Her only thought is to get Parker and herself the hell out, because the Dark only knows what Beloc’s gonna do to this planet–not to mention its people–when he gets here. But as far as she’s concerned, none of that is her problem. Or so she thinks.

Melera finally notices Mandy, but only after Parker points her out. Not realizing until then that Parker isn’t alone, she hasn’t bothered to disguise herself. And so Mandy learns the whole nine yards about Melera–she’s an alien, there’s a war on in her galaxy, this seriously bad dude is after her and Earth’s about to fall into some really deep jakk.

That’s when Mandy decides to betray Melera to Beloc and the Akkad. Parker’s first loyalty might be to his alien lover, but Mandy’s first loyalty is to the pack, and by extension, Earth. There might be no sure way to stop Beloc from coming here, but there’s one sure way to get him to leave…

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