The Alien Within: Cast of Characters, II

Garrett Larkin is a mage and a member of Seattle’s Balthus Coven. She’s also a lady with a plan. A big one. Through magick, Garrett is going to turn Seattle into a haven for zots, where their kind can be free from human persecution once and for all. But she can’t just come out and say so. Witches have a very complicated relationship with other zots. Let’s just say that in general, they are disliked at best. They don’t get messed with because witches can do stuff like call up demons. And the last thing you want is a demon breathing fire down your neck.

So…a plan to make Seattle into a zot haven. It’s a noble cause, especially considering Garrett’s entire family died in a zot pogrom when she was just eleven years old. But by the time we meet her, her cause has turned into an obsession. She needs Parker and Kurt’s help to make her plan work so she lures the two into her web using sex, lies but no videotape. Does she stop after they end up in that very messy love triangle instead of a cozy little threesome? Of course not.

Garrett, poor thing, has pretty much lost her sense of right and wrong. Will she get it back? Well…

More 2 come, as they write.

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