The Alien Within: Cast of Characters

Parker Berenson, one of the four heroes in this story, is the alpha of Seattle’s werewolf pack. Many of my beta readers liked him best. That’s not surprising. He really is a sweet guy–he’ll kill you only if you deserve it.

Born human, Parker became a werewolf while in college. How that happened and how he ended up in Seattle is another story. But like I said, he’s a sweet wolf, caring, nurturing even, with a well-developed sense of justice and fair play. His biggest fault is that when he loves, he loves blindly. He places the object of his love high on the proverbial pedestal. They can do no wrong and he will not hear anything against them–even if it’s true. I suppose you might say he’s like the Queen of Hearts, if you’re into that sort of thing. His unquestioning love also blinds him to its consequences. And it does get him into trouble. It’s how he became trapped in that bitter love triangle with Garrett (a mage) and Kurt, and why his pack is about to turn on him. Question is, does he learn anything from his mistakes? Maybe…and maybe not.

All in all, The Alien Within belongs to Parker. Though told from all four heroes’ point of view (and a couple of secondary characters too) this installment focuses mainly on him. I’ve set the series up in this way because I wanted to give each character a chance to be on center stage. I won’t tell you who’s next.

More on Parker later.

By the way, I’ll mention now that The Alien Within is aimed at the adult reader of fantasy and science fiction. As in Parental Discretion Advised. Just thought I’d let you know.

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